Moisturizing soap shaped like cute chinchillas!
(for use on people, not chinchillas!)

We offer sets of four soaps in the following scents:
    * Lavender:
            Pale violet soap scented with calming lavender oils.
    * Vanilla:
            A creamy ivory soap with a warm vanilla scent.
    * Peach:
            Tawny peach soap and a juicy fruit scent.
    * Green Apple:
            Clear green soap with a bright apple scent.

Each set comes with four .8oz soaps — two chinchillas standing up, and two laying down. They make great gifts for chinchilla lovers and are perfectly sized for use as guest soaps.

The soaps are a natural vegetable glycerin soap with one-third humectant moisturizers. The solid colored soaps are enriched with Coconut Oil, and the translucent colored soaps are enriched with Aloe and Vitamin E.